Hewlett Packard Pension Association (HPPA) Constitution July 2017



The name of the association is Hewlett Packard Pension Association or HP Pension Association (HPPA) relating to the Hewlett-Packard Limited Retirement Benefits Plan members (PPM) The Trustees refers to the trustees of the Hewlett-Packard Limited Retirement Benefits Plan and the company refers to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise or HPE.


Under UK law the association is classed as an unincorporated association and follows the governance recommendations of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations as supported by H.M. Government’s Cabinet office for the Third sector.




HPPA is an independent organisation recognised by HPE and HP Pension Plan Trustees but not supported or endorsed by them.


Purposes and Objects of the association

The HPPA is an organisation to represent the interests of its members to Pension Plan Trustees, the Company (HPE), Government, Media and the communities in which members live and work.


Aims and objectives


Such benefits will include preferential purchase arrangements  for products and services from varied suppliers.

Both by HP and the communities with which pension plan members interact. To this end the Association will encourage and support the volunteering activities of members and facilitate making such efforts a beneficiary of the rewards available through the HPE Volunteering and Reward Programs.

The Association anticipates being a voice of Members in interaction with the Trustees and HP. We will also aim to be of assistance both to Trustees and Pension Arrangement Members in Member/Trustee relations.




Membership is deemed to be open to anybody who is a member of the Hewlett-Packard Limited Retirement Benefits Plan – Digital section and HP section, as a pensioner in payment, deferred pensioner, or employee in the scheme or any other past employee of HP or legacy company such as EDS.

Active members are those who have registered their email at hppa.org.uk. Members wishing to cease active membership can do so by deleting their email address at hppa.org.uk

Membership obligations

Active members agree to receive email updates from the steering group and take part in occasional ad-hoc surveys. Members are openly encouraged to provide ideas and inputs to the steering group.


Management Committee - Steering Group

The association is currently managed by a steering group of 4 members with a nominal Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The steering group will co-opt others to work on specific tasks required by the Association. Any member of the association can join the steering group. The current steering group consists of-

Alan Evans - Chairman

Sue Robbie - Communications

Steve Spillane - Secretary

Ian Young – Treasurer


The Association also has a campaign group to manage campaigns on behalf of the Association

Campaign Team

James McGarry

Martin Ranwell

Julian Russell 


Advisory Board 

The  advisory board are former senior executives from both Digital and HP who help to advise the association  on the overall strategy for HPPA particularly in our dealings with HPE.

Alan Furness - former CEO HP UK & I

Scott McLean – former HP UK & I Manufacturing Director

Geoff Shingles - former Chairman and CEO Digital Equipment Corporation UK

John Young - former Director HP UK & I


Statement to members

The steering group will produce an statement for consideration by the members when required in lieu of AGMs. The statement will consist of a review of the previous year, plans for the coming year and a financial report.

The statement will be circulated to active members and will require a minimum of 50 members responding by email to accept the statement. This will include acceptance of the nominated steering group.

This process will be considered in lieu of an annual general meeting.

Powers of the Steering Group

The steering group will pursue the aims of the association based on inputs from members. This will include representations to the trustees, the company and any other organisations which can assist the association.

Expenditure of the association will be proposed by any member of the steering or campaign group and must be approved by one other member of the steering group. Emails are acceptable form of approval and the bank account is currently administered by the treasurer and the PayPal account by the secretary. Both accounts only require one signature.



The association will be a virtual organisation operated mainly by electronic means such as email and conference calls with meetings kept to a minimum. Copies of emails and discussion notes will be made available to members on request.



The association is funded by donations from members. The association will accept support either financial or in kind from any other individual or group, including the company and the trustees, provided there are no conditions attached which may influence the independence of the association.


Any resolutions for change in steering committee members, aims of the associations or actions to be implemented by the steering group can be proposed by any member. If the member can find 5 seconders to the resolution it will be opened up for a vote by all active members and will require a majority of at least 50 active members supporting the resolution for it to be adopted.


The association will be deemed to dissolve if no activity by email or updates to the website for a period of 6 months and any surplus funds will be donated to Age UK.

Legal and Privacy

The association has clear legal and privacy guidelines which are published on the website at www.hppa.org.uk.