This update is from David Bell, Steve Spillane and Ian Young.

A lot has happened since we wrote the last letter, and you will have seen some of the
results in your post box!

If you live in the UK, you should have just received the Popular Report from the Trustees,
plus the EPP details, and a flyer from HPPA. If you did not receive that package, your
address with the pension administrators is probably out of date. You can contact them

A short time ago, we met with the HP HR Director (Sharon Ellerker), the Compensation
& Benefits Manager (Cassie Sykes), and the Pensions Manager (Mark Wilkins). The
meeting was arranged by Mark Wilkins, to discuss the formation of HPPA and the
implications, for HP UK, of the Worldwide Retiree and Volunteer Programs. We also
discussed the EPP offering for pension plan members.

We found the meeting constructive and broadly supportive of our initiatives, with a  set
of agreed actions resulting. We will probably need to meet again to clarify all the details,
and we will update you when everything is finalised.

We had detailed discussions with the Pension Plan Trustees, and we are very pleased
to say that they agreed to send out an HPPA flyer to all HP and Digital pensioners in
payment, and to deferred pensioners - that is roughly 14,000 people. We are very grateful
for all the help and co-operation given to us by the Trustees - it will make real contribution
to the development of HPPA.

Steve is working flat out on the HPPA and Retiree websites, and we will be releasing
details of them when we have finished user testing.

Regarding the donations, we are very pleased with the response so far, and we have
enough funds for everything we are doing at the moment.

Just as important, if not more so, are the many letters and notes coming in - all expressing
support for our activities, and coming from all over the world. These really cheer us up, and
make everything feel worthwhile.

If you would still like to donate, there are three ways you can do that:

1) With a debit or credit card into our Paypal account. Go to: 

and follow the instructions.

2) By bank transfer to the HSBC:

Account Name:      HPPA
Account Number:   74193032
Sort Code:              40-38-04

3) By cheque, payable to HPPA, to:

Ian Young
10 Halfacre Close
Spencers Wood
Reading  RG7 1DZ

The people who have donated already have given between 5 and 50, but we would like
everyone to consider giving  5 or 10.

All feedback to   and

Best regards,