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Like to help?
HPPA is a new organisation and we are keen to increase the number of Steering Group Members. Steering Group Membership will give those who join the Group the opportunity to shape the Association.

Areas for involvement may range from helping get in place discount arrangements with selected suppliers/retail outlets, to helping shape the volunteering program arrangements, to contributing to newsletters.

Almost all discussion is carried by email and conference call (Skype) with very few, if any, face-to-face meetings.

Currently  the Members of the Steering Group are ex-Digital and HP but we would particularly like to hear from anyone who was/is an  employee of other legacy companies such as EDS who may be interested in joining the Steering Group.

However, whichever Company in the now HP family that Steering Group Members worked in, the most important attribute is that they are keen to see HPPA being a success and are able to contribute.

 If you would like to find out more please send a brief email to us

email click here

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