HP Pension Association
Volume 1, Newsletter 1 November-2010
There is a lot of information in this letter, and we would appreciate you taking the time to read it all - and some of it could be to your advantage!

Retiree Web Cast
The first news is of the Hewlett Packard Retiree Web-cast from Palo Alto. We were asked by HP to publicise the event, and there were about 120 people there on the day.

Everyone gave HP full marks for hosting the event in the UK, and it was really great to see so many people we have not met before. Most, however, were of the opinion that it was an opportunity missed, with little indication of how we could better interact with the company in the future.

The new CEO made some very encouraging remarks, and the cream scones were lovely!

Employee Purchase Plan

The next piece of news is regarding the Employee Purchase Plan (EPP).

We have pushed quite hard over the past couple of years to have access to this facility, and we were pleased when HP offered it to us all this summer. It is fair to say, though, that quite a few people were disappointed with the amount of discount available. We decided to contact the product line people responsible for the EPP, and we are encouraged by the discussions so far - Steve Spillane travelled up to Erskine to meet with the new EPP manager.

We discovered that the EPP we were initially offered was the same as the Friends & Family package, which is available to everyone who knows someone working in HP UK. The folks in Erskine are happy now to extend the true employee discount to us, and are keen to find out what retirees would regard as attractive. There is not very much leeway on the price of current products, but there is quite a bit of flexibility around what can be offered as part of the package. It may also be possible for us to have access to special offers for end of life

We will soon, therefore, be sending you a survey on the EPP, and you can tell us what kind of things you would like to see.

HPPA Web Site
The third and last piece of news is regarding the HPPA website - it is up and running and available at www.hppa.org.uk

It has taken us quite some time to integrate the website with the email facility, thanks to the requirements of the current spam legislation, but most of the work is done now, and we would  appreciate feedback on what you see - mails to:   steve@spillane.com

All the people on our current mailing list are registered, but you can re-register if you are in any doubt, and you will receive a welcome mail, plus the username and password. We have stuck with the Retiree program access protocol and the

username is    hpway
password is    toplay

Please send the website address to anyone you feel might be interested.

On the website, you will see reference to Volunteering. We are still thrashing out how HP will approach that aspect of activity, but it will be 2011 before we see any significant progress.

Similarly, we had hoped to bring HP UK in-house discount offerings to you but, once again, it will be 2011 before we see how we are going to do that. You will see reference to software4students on the site, and that is probably the best deal you could ever achieve on Microsoft products (eg)
MS Office 2010 Pro is £38.95, against a book price of £400.
So, that is all the news for the moment - all feed back to   steve@spillane.com or ianyoung@iyoung.co.uk

Best Regards,

HP Pension Association
Retiree Web Cast
Employee Purchase Plan
HPPA Website
Léo Apotheker
HP President and CEO speaking to retirees.




"We all owe a debt of gratitude to the more than 60,000 retirees who together helped forge our history and culture.  

As retirees you continue to support our brand and our success around the world.  You  have wanted to continue to support the HP Brand, giving back to our communities and schools, hospitals, libraries and helping those less fortunate.  You also are important advocators for HP products on support firms or participating in the friends and family and employee purchase programs.  You are such a valuable resource. 

I look forward to working with you, to helping engage our retirees even further and to hearing new ideas in how to continue building HP. "

Take the Employee Purchase Plan survey follow this link; http://tinyurl.com/34zn66h
HP Pension Association