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Pension Increases
Details of correspondence regarding pension increases between HPPA and the company.



In this section you will see detailed correspondence between HPPA and the office of the CEO in Hewlett Packard, over a two year period 2011-2012. We have also added 2016 correspondence below and a 2016 summary can be found here

The objective of the mails to the CEO was to create awareness of the serious financial situation facing a large number of Digital Plan Retirees, and a smaller number of HP Plan Retirees. The situation has come about because HP is not granting annual increases.

We were not at all sure how the Pension Review process actually worked and, although we now know a lot more, it is still not clear to us who is the final decision maker.

Rather than us explain everything here, we strongly recommend that you read all the correspondence and make up your own mind about what is going on.


Pension Increase correspondence 2011 click here

Pension Increase correspondence 2012 click here

Pension Increase correspondence 2016 click here  


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