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The trustees of the HP UK Pension scheme look after both the HP and Digital sections of the plan, although the funds are separate. Trustees are nominated by the company, and members.

Further details of the trustees can be found under Plan Websites.

Role of Trustees

The role of the trustees was explained at a Dexodus Meeting in October 2009 and a copy of the presentation can be found here

Key Tasks

  • To ensure that benefits are provided to beneficiaries in accordance with the Rules
  • To ensure funds are available to meet the plans obligations
  • To manage the funds investments


The secretariat to the trustees is provided by Inside Pensions.  To contact the trustees please email here


2015 Trustee and Adminstration survey here


Jonathan Lord - Chairman
Andrew Dodd
Gill Manning
 Keith Norrington
Philippa Oram

Member nominated
Paul Early
Mike Jackson
Philip Lawman

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